“To improve the quality of life for all people, especially those affected by social inequality, by offering sustainable solutions to global issues.”

Our Story:

Justin Amevor (left), the founder and director of DoughBoyz, grew up attending school in Worcester, Massachusetts. During his freshman year as an undergraduate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Justin met Ahmed, Jordan, and Gabriel, who helped bring DoughBoyz to life. Jordan had come up with the name, Ahmed helped make deliveries, and Gabriel kept track of the finances. In its infancy, DoughBoyz served a hot and fresh shortstack of three pancakes and a cold drink straight to the dorm rooms of fellow students; all of course with excellent service! Justin’s dream of ending world hunger has led DoughBoyz to think, “How can I make a bigger difference?”

As DoughBoyz begins to learn and grow, we want to share our values outright with our customers and the public. Building a more inclusive and culturally responsible society is a group effort, and we hope to work with you all in striving to achieve this.


As we grow and expand our business, we will support underrepresented communities by providing sustainable solutions to food insecurity, such as our community breakfast series. Lack of food access is especially high in communities of color. The rate of hunger in African American households is more than twice that rate in white and non-hispanic households. 1 in 4 African American children struggle to find a meal. At DoughBoyz, this is a statistic we cannot accept. Additionally, DoughBoyz is set out to fight food insecurity in college students. Founded within the WPI community, it is unfortunate that 24% of WPI students experience food insecurity; we would like to see that number at zero.

With the help of the Doughclub, clubs that advocate for social justice and sustainability on college campuses, DoughBoyz is able to spread its message and mission among the student population.

DoughBoyz Anti-Racism policy

DoughBoyz rejects any form of hate, discrimination, homophobia, and racism. We take pride in the diversity that brought this company into fruition and champion efforts for inclusion and equality. Hate on any level has no place in our business and we have the right to refuse service to persons or groups who would choose to harm the progress of developing a more culturally responsible society.

Black Business Star

After the tragic death of George Floyd by the hands of Minneapolis police, we focused our mission to present a culturally responsible and purposeful business model. For over 400 years black people and other minorities have been institutionally marginalized, exploited, and blatantly attacked under the disguise of a broken political, economic and social system. We would like to introduce the Black Business Star as a symbol of unity against racism and the fight for total equality. We invite other black entrepreneurs and allies to use this symbol.

DoughBoyz is proud to announce we will sponsor a business mentoring and networking group for black entrepreneurs and allies. Stay tuned for more information.

DoughBoyz & Covid-19

The primary focus of our operations is the safety of our staff and customers. Staff frequently change their gloves and wash their hands. Delivery couriers follow local food and delivery regulations and are equipped with PPE. Additionally, each meal is made cooked-to-order to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

The DoughCart

Coming Soon! The Doughcart is a food truck that will be able to serve hot meals fresh from the road. It is designed to run on electricity to reduce our impact on the environment. As a part of our mission to reduce food insecurity, the Doughcart will operate around Institute Road, focusing on serving off-campus Worcester Polytechnic Institute students.